100% Traceability

BBS Food works according to the highest quality standards. And so we can guarantee you and your customers a safe product. Each product supplied by BBS Food is 100% traceable and fully transparent.

Customized product

BBS Food develops fantastic products for its clients, according to delicious recipes and adapted to the preferred flavours of the country in question, and based on the preparation methods required in certain sectors.


Expansive, state-of-the-art facilities enable BBS Food to produce a wide range of ready-to-eat products. BBS Food uses only fresh ingredients which are processed to give the best and safest end products.

Transparency, quality,
trust and know-how

BBS Food is the leading European high-tech producer of ready-cooked chicken & Spare Ribs products. Our focus lies on a 100% perfect portion-controlled product for Food Service, Retail and Industry. We use only natural chicken and pork muscle meat which meets the 100% traceability norm. It is supplied freshly directly from our abattoirs on a daily basis, with a guarantee of production of one type of meat only. These abattoirs comply with all the requirements made by BBS Food in terms of processing and quality.

We have a unique integrated and fully automated quality, tracking & tracing, MES and ERP system to guarantee you our traceability at the touch of a button.



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